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Steel T-post a trim and sturdy support for trellis netting

Green metal T-post has strong rust resistance

Steel T-post is an important tool supporting various types of nettings or wire mesh. For trellis garden, metal T-post is the strong and durable support for nylon netting, plastic netting, cattle panel or polypropylene netting. Usually, zip tie is often combined with T-posts to install various trellis nettings.

Our trellis T-post is PVC coated after galvanization. The protective coating greatly enhances durability and resistance to soil erosion.

Product specification:
Material: PVC coated carbon steel.
Length: 6', 8', 10' and 12'.
Color: green, red.

Green PVC coated T-Post for green beans in a farmland
T-posts are excellent supports for permanent applications of trellis. Compared with wood stakes, it is easy to operate and lasts longer.

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