String trellis costs you less for a good harvest

Do you want to get rid of rotten tomatoes? Do you like fresh and big tomato for your salad? Now it is time to do something to rescue your garden. Trellis is increasingly used in gardens for it not only saves space but enhances production.

Among all the garden trellises, string trellis is a simplest and cheapest way. It needs more participation of your family and will bring a lot of DIY fun at the same time. In greenhouses, string trellis is very popular. It is not only cost less but also be very effective.

Sturdy nylon and polypropylene twines are provided. They should be tied to a freestanding structure. Tendrils of tomatoes, cucumber or peas grow along the vertical string. The string trellis makes the fruits leave the ground reducing rot and improving yields.

Note: Trellis clips and "S" hook supports are also provided.

Benefits of using string trellis:

  • Significantly reduce budget for your gardening;
  • Increase production but decrease diseases and rot.
  • Quick and cheap option for greenhouse trellis system.
A simple container plants trellis is composed of steel tubes, and nylon twine

Container plants should be equipped with trellis. String trill is a very simple and cheap way to provide supports for climbing peas, pole beans, cucumbers and other similar plants.

Nylon twine stringed to T-posts providing support for green beans

Nylon string is soft and strong enough to hold the weight of crops and fruits.