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Polypropylene netting ensures fresh and clean vegetable

Do you love tomatoes, cucumbers and peas? If yes, you should prepare a trellis netting which increases the venting plants harvest in the summer or in the fall. Knitted polypropylene netting is a premium alternative for its non-toxic, durability, high strength, flexibility and good resistance to fatigue.

Polypropylene netting can work on its own or cooperate with stakes, T-posts, poles or PVC frames. It is not hard to make a vertical, horizontal, A-frame or free-standing trellis by means of zip ties. In addition, “S” hook supports and trellis clips are also provided.

Why need polypropylene netting for your trellis garden?

  • Climbing plants grow easily with the help of trellis and will not get entangled with each other;
  • Polypropylene netting trellis can be vertical or horizontal depending on your design;
  • Save limited garden space while ensure harvest at the same time;
  • Reducing ground rot;
  • Increasing air and sunlight;
  • Significantly improve harvest;

Product specifications:
Material: polypropylene.
Mesh Opening: 6.5" × 6.5", 7.5" × 7.5".
Width: 5', 6' and 7'.
Length: 24', 50', 100', 250', 500', and 1000'.

Climbing plants climbs along the suspending polypropylene netting forming a green shade
Climbing plants and polypropylene netting creates a green shade and eatable curtain in front of the wall.
Tie polypropylene netting to T-post to make a vertical trellis for cucumbers
Knitted polypropylene netting is very versatile. It is easily fastened to T-post, stakes or poles and helps the cucumbers, squashes or other venting plants grow up and harvest.

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