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Garden Trellis Netting A Necessary For All Gardeners

Established in 2000, Garden Trellis Netting Co., Ltd. has been the leader in manufacturing and providing various trellis nettings for a lot of countries including America, Britain, Germany, France, South Korea and other countries and nations. Our trellis products have received great reputation for their high quality and considerable after-sales services.

Garden is an integrate part for a house. However, most gardens are small and spoiled. Most people thought it impossible to get any harvest if they grow seeds in the spring. Maybe yes if you don’t take right methods.

Trellis netting is great for enhancing garden yield while keeping the vegetables clean and fresh. Whatever design you have applied, it will take up smaller space than before. And the exposure to air circulation and sunlight increases yield. At the same time, the fruits totally leave the ground and will never get any ground-related diseases.

Nylon trellis and plastic trellis

Both are very frequently used. They can be designed as vertical trellis or horizontal trellis for peas, green beans, tomatoes and peppers which don’t have super heavy weight.

Metal trellis

Strong metal trellis has a long lasting before it fails. Chain link mesh is usually used as trellis fence for decorative application. The climbing flowers on it not only protect your privacy but also add a view to dull environment.

Cattle panel trellis is a versatile trellis. Due to its special rigid structure, it can stand up well without or with little help of stakes or T-posts. A-frame trellis made of cattle panel can stand freely. In addition, it is the best choice for arch trellis besides expensive wooden trellis arch.

String trellis

String trellis is the simplest and a little time-consuming. Nylon or knitted polypropylene strings are often tied to the frames vertically or horizontally. It is suitable for mass production of tomatoes, peas and pole beans.