Vertical Trellis a cheap way of creating vertical gardening

Vertical trellis is a better way for creating a vertical gardening. It makes full use of narrow garden space while maximizing the yield of venting vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squashes and melons. Since the venting plants stands up, increasing aeration and sunlight allows for harvest and large fruits.

Vertical trellis provides vertical supports for the stems or holds the weight of the heavy crops. It is not hard to make a vertical trellis system for your garden or yard. Several options are recommended for you as follows:

First, nylon trellis netting, polypropylene netting, plastic netting

These trellis nettings should be connected vertically to sturdy structures like poles, stakes, T-posts or frames.

Second, cattle panel or livestock panel

The welded wire mesh panel can supports itself. They can be used as A-frame trellis or free-standing trellis for most climbing plants.

Third, string trellis

String can be nylon or polypropylene twines. Heavy twine has enough strength to bear the weight of tomatoes, peas, cucumbers and so on.

What advantages of vertical trellis for your garden?

  • A cheap and easy method to achieve harvest.
  • Save up garden space.
  • Make the garden look neat and interesting.
  • Reduce vegetable diseases as a result of contacting with the ground.
Vertical trellis for container cucumbers

Vertical cattle panel trellis for container plants

Vertical trellis for tomatoes made of nylon trellis netting and stakes

Vertical trellis makes a vertical gardening. It not only increases sunlight exposure but also reduces all diseases stem from contacting with the ground.