Cattle panel arch trellis a functional and economic alternative

Have you imagined an arch trellis of flowers in your yard? You may complain about the expensive arch cost and give up it finally. Now we recommend you a simple but inexpensive arch trellis - cattle panel trellis.

Cattle panel trellis is a kind of welded wire mesh with reach-through aperture. Its sturdy and rigid structure makes it ideal for supporting flowers, vegetables and fruits. Compared with conventional wooden arch, cattle panel arch is cheaper and durable.

Cattle panel arch can be a combination of cattle panel and stakes or rebar, or cattle panel itself. It will not spend you a lot of time to resemble a trellis arch. Cucumbers, peas, pole beans, climbing flowers and other vent plants can climb over the arch. Arch structure increases air circulation and sunlight.

Cattle panel arch trellis advantages:

  • Durable.
  • Cost effective.
  • Never rot under all weathers.
  • Recyclable and friendly to the environment.
  • Improve harvest.
Cattle panel arch trellis over the walk way of the garden

Versatile cattle panel is also available as arch trellis. In hot summer, arch trellis with green plants on them provide shade for the road.

Cattle panel is an inexpensive arched trellis material. An arched trellis of moon flowers looks impressive and amazing.

Peas are growing on the cattle panel arched trellis. You can harvest the vegetables easily and quickly.