Trellis clips and trellis hooks for garden trellis

Trellis clip is designed to fix tomato stems to trellis netting. It is made of clear polypropylene with UV inhibitors. Available for string under 1/8” in diameter and plant stems up to 3/4" in diameter.

Trellis clips are necessaries for commercial growers. They significantly reduces work time of tying stems to trellis. They are often used to support and train climbing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers and venting flowers.

Trellis clip description:

  • Material: polypropylene.
  • Diameter: 23mm, 25mm.
  • Package: 500pcs/bag; 2000pcs/bag.
  • Color: clear, red and green.

Trellis hooks are designed to support fruit-laden branches preventing almost-ripe fruits breaking off its stem. It is also used to hang trellis netting from cable or steel wire. Our support hooks could bear up to 5lb branches. It is also made of UV resistant polypropylene.

Trellis hooks description:

  • Material: polypropylene.
  • Size: 4 inch, 6 inch or as required.
  • Color: clear, green and red.
Tomato clips with gaps in collar for aeration

Tomato clips are very important for growers of trellis plants. They are easy to fasten stems to trellis.

Green trellis netting hanging a garden trellis from a cable

Trellis hooks can hang trellis netting from a cable or supporting the weight of ripe fruits.

A woman is operating the trellis clips

Trellis clip is very important for garden trellis system. It effectively transit the load of the stems and fruits to the trellis netting.

Tomato clip helps the stems to remain relatively upright

Tomato clips are very popular in tomato production. They can quickly and easily connects the stems with the trellis.