Four reasons of choosing cattle panel trellis for vertical gardening

Cattle trellis can be used as vegetable trellis or hoop house in cold season.

Cattle panel is able to be used as vegetable trellis in warm weather and hoop house in cold weather.

Have you been searching for a permanent trellis system for your garden instead of temporary? Cattle panel trellis will be an ideal option for garden trellis system. Its sturdy structure enables it to be easily supported by short stakes. Hence, cattle panel are available in A-frame trellis and arch trellis. You could lean the livestock panels against garden wall vertically or horizontally. Then a green and eatable curtain is created.

Cattle panel trellis has been increasingly applied to gardens and yards to save places and improve production at the same time. It is a kind of welded wire mesh which is also used to confine hogs, cattle and other small livestock or used as fence for the garden or the house.

For trellis garden, cattle panel must be the priority without thinking the budget. Versatile cattle panel can be used as plant trellis for all climbing plants especially squash, tomato and melon. It is also fabricated into arched trellis which will be a spot of your garden.

Why cattle panel trellis is so popular in gardens?

  • Hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication for superior corrosive resistance.
  • Heavy gauge steel wire for the strongest garden trellis.
  • Available to build an arched trellis and hoops.
  • Easily reused for other applications like temporary stall for pig, calves or other small livestock.


  • Material: Galvanized steel wire.
  • Wire diameter: 3 ga to 9 ga.
  • Opening: 6" × 8".
  • Height: 5', 8'.
  • Length: 16', 20'.
Cattle panel trellis help the squash grow upright saving space and increasing air and light

Cattle panel trellis can provide supports for many plants including cucumber, peas and squash. It is the most durable trellis in the garden.

Tent-shaped cattle panel trellis takes up less space than natural growth

Rigid and strong cattle panel trellis can stand well without supporting from frames or stakes.