Plastic trellis a qualified assistant of your trellis garden

Plastic trellis is an extrusive plastic mesh of HDPE or polypropylene. This plastic netting can be divided into two types - light duty and heavy duty, according to the wire gauge. The light plastic trellis has reach-through opening which simplify tending and harvesting in harvest season. For the heavy trellis, its square opening is 2 inch wide. It is excellent for peas and pole beans. In addition, heavy duty trellis can also be used as garden fence to block chicken and cat out.

Similar to nylon and knitted polypropylene netting, plastic trellis is usually used with stakes, poles, rebar or T-posts, all of which can provide support for the trellis netting. Zip-tie and trellis clips are also provided on special order.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: HDPE, polypropylene.
  • Mesh Type: Extrusive mesh.
  • Mesh Opening: 2" × 2" (heavy duty); 6" × 6" and 7" × 7" (light duty);
  • Width: 20", 36" and 48".
  • Length: 20', 50', 100' or as required.
  • Color: White, black, dark green and brown.


  • Ideal for supporting stems of climbing plants;
  • UV resistant;
  • Long lasting;
  • Strong enough to hold heavy crops;
  • Made from recycled material.
Black plastic trellis supporting venting vegetable like cuke

Black plastic trellis provides a vertical ladder for the climbing plants and increases exposure to sunlight and air.

White plastic trellis provide stem support for peppers

White plastic trellis maximizing space and reduces ground contact and spoilage.

Green plastic trellis with heavy duty wire for heavier plants

Heavy duty plastic trellis has more strength than common light-duty trellis

Attaching green plastic trellis to stakes before the snow pea poking their heads of the ground

A pea trellis is necessary to guarantee high production. Plastic trellis is easily attached to stakes by zip tie; then trellis fence is finished.