A-frame trellis a permanent garden trellis for vegetables

A-frame trellis is named after its side profile. It is particularly designed for container vegetable gardening, and also available for common garden. Its sturdy structure makes it better to hold the weights of fruits and stems.

Generally speaking, A-frame trellis needs help from posts and frames. An exception is the cattle panel. It can stands well without any external supports.

Reasons of using A-frame trellis:

  • Movable and reused year after year.
  • Slanted trellis supports more weight of crops.
  • Available for nylon netting, plastic netting and chicken wire.
  • Take up less space while improving yields.
  • Increase air circulation and sunlight.
  • The fruits get cleaner and bigger.
  • Makes harvest much easier.
Slanted chicken wire trellis for climbing plants

Staple chicken wire mesh to a frame which as two legs on the other side. It not only saves place but also provides a semi shady spot for lettuce or other shade loving plants

Cattle panel trellis is a perfect A-frame trellis for vegetables

Tent-shaped cattle panel trellis for cucumbers