Pole bean trellis provides you healthy and nutrient vegetable

Pole bean and peas are nutrient and healthy vegetables. Have you thought of planting them in your garden? Maybe you would complain that it would take up a lot of space and low yield. That is a problem for planting climbing plants in a small garden. We can help you out. Our pole bean trellis is strongly recommended.

Pole bean trellis includes cattle panel trellis, nylon trellis netting, plastic trellis, chicken wire trellis and string trellis. They usually need stakes or frames to support except cattle panel.

Advantages of preparing trellis for peas and beans:

  • Save up less garden space.
  • Increase harvest.
  • Enhance air flow and sunlight exposure.
  • Reduce vegetable diseases

Horizontal Cattle Panel Trellis

Cattle panel trellis for a bean container

Cattle panel trellis is an ideal horizontal trellis. Unlike nylon netting, it doesn’t need any support.

Vertical Nylon Trellis Netting

Pea nylon vertical trellis

Peas grow runs along the netting and will receive more sunlight and air circulation

Horizontal String Trellis

Pole bean string trellis - heavy nylon twine tied to bamboo poles horizontally

String trellis is the simplest trellis system. Nylon, polypropylene twines are provided.