Nylon trellis netting lets you enjoy harvest season every year

Nylon trellis netting gives a very practical solution for climbing plants in your narrow garden. It can be tied to frames, stakes or poles forming a vertical or horizontal trellis for tomatoes, peas, beans or even heavy crops like melon.

Nylon trellis significantly increases venting plants’ exposure to light and air ensuring harvests in the summer or the autumn. Nylon netting is very soft not hurting the foliage leaves and stems. In addition, its 60lbs breaking strength makes it possible to support squash and cucumber. To simplify harvest and prevent being entangled, 6” and 7” wide square opening is designed.

Five reasons of selecting nylon trellis:

  • A cheaper solution for trellis garden;
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • 6" and 7" reach through opening for simple harvest.
  • Easily string to poles, stakes or frames.
  • Versatile trellis netting available for free stand trellis and A-frame trellis.

Key specifications:

  • Material: Nylon.
  • Mesh Opening: 6" × 6", 7" × 7".
  • Roll Size (W × L): 5' × 30'; 5' × 15'; 5' × 60'; 5' × 100'.
Vertical nylon trellis supporting cucumbers and 6 inch opening makes harvest simple

Nylon trellis is a cheap and cost-effective choice for planting cucumbers for your productive garden.

Horizontal nylon trellis tied to the stakes is supporting the tomatoes

Nylon trellis can be used as horizontal trellis for tomatoes by stringing to poles or stakes.