Tomato trellis makes you enjoy juicy and clean tomatoes in your garden

A vertical cattle panel trellis for tomatoes, made of 3 gauge wire

Cattle panel trellis made of 3 gauge steel wire is very strong and will not deform even supporting a lot of fruits.

Tomato has always been a most popular salad vegetable. A lot of families have grown tomato in their gardens. But many people often complain that their tomatoes are smaller or rotten before harvest. To resolve these problems, tomato trellis is strongly recommended.

Both vertical trellis and horizontal trellis can provide ladder-like support for the stems. Thanks to the trellis netting, ripe tomatoes won’t contact with the ground reducing diseases and rot. There are several choices of tomato trellises including cattle panel trellis, trellis netting, plastic netting and string netting. Though they are different in strength, price and structure, each of them is functional. You can select any one depends on your budget and preference.

Note: Tomato clips and hooks are provided.

What are the benefits of using tomato trellises?

  • Tomatoes are bigger and ripe earlier.
  • Tomatoes are free of ground spot and blemishes.
  • Easily found the ripe tomatoes.
  • Gardens are productive and neat.

Cattle Panel Trellis - the strongest tomato trellis

Cattle panel folded in the center to A-frame trellis for tomatoes

Cattle panel trellis stands up well. And the big openings makes the tomatoes impossible to get stuck.

Trellis netting - nylon, plastic or knitted polypropylene

Heavy nylon trellis netting for potted tomatoes

Nylon trellis netting is a cost-effective trellis for tomato. It can be vertical, horizontal or slanted according to your plans.

String Trellis - the cheapest trellis for large area

Vertical string trellis for tomato is made by tying strong strings to wood frame

String trellis guides the tomatoes grow upright and prevent from laying on ground when the tomatoes are becoming bigger and heavier.