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Garden Trellis Netting ensures harvest garden and healthy foods

With the development of economy, there is an increasing demand of organic foods for a great number of families. However, not all families can afford high cost of these health foods. Instead of buying from the market, you could grow the vegetables yourself. Maybe you will complain about the narrow garden space and poor yields. The best solution to these problems is to build a vertical gardening with various trellis nettings.

It is known that lot of vegetables like to climb up nettings or poles such as tomatoes, peas, beans, melons and squashes. If you let them grow without any control, they will cover all the area of the garden leaving no place to wall through. At the same time, the harvest is not satisfying. Trellis netting is a great assistant for you now.

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Cattle Panel Trellis

Cattle panel trellis is a sturdy welded wire mesh. It can be used as A-frame trellis, arched trellis, tomato trellis and hoop house in cold season.

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Cucumber arched trellis

Cucumber Trellis

Cucumber Trellis

Cucumber trellis can be nylon trellis netting, plastic trellis, cattle panel trellis or string trellis. The tendril grasps and grows along the trellis saving large area.

A vertical cattle panel trellis for tomatoes, made of 3 gauge wire

Tomato Trellis

Tomato Trellis

Tomato trellis includes cattle panel trellis, trellis netting, plastic trellis and string trellis. They can be designed as vertical, horizontal or slanted trellis for tomatoes.

Chain link trellis for cucumber

Chain Link Trellis

Chain Link Trellis

Chain link trellis has dual functions - chain link fence and garden trellis. As a trellis fence, it can provide supports for venting vegetables and flowers.

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Garden Trellis Netting is a professional corporation of providing various trellis systems including cattle panel trellis, plastic trellis, nylon trellis, string trellis and chicken wire trellis. All these trellises can meet your different applications. They can be designed as vertical, horizontal or tent-shaped depends on your garden plans.

Vertical Trellis

Vertical trellis is fully maximizing the limited space of your garden. Tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers should grow toward the trellis instead of expanding their space in the ground. Simultaneously, increasing air circulation and sunlight attributes to the high production. In addition, fruits or vegetables will not contact with the ground and related disease like rot will not happen again. Nylon netting trellis, cattle panel trellis, chicken wire, plastic netting, strings and chain link mesh are available.

Horizontal Trellis

Horizontal trellis is another popular trellis design for grapes, tomatoes and melons. It’s an ideal design for holding the weight of heavy crops. You can choose any type among nylon netting trellis, cattle panel trellis, plastic netting and string trellis according to your design.

Arch Trellis

Arched trellis is absolutely an absorbing view in your garden. It not only provides excellent growth conditions but also decorates your property, especially flowers on it. Our cattle panel is the most economical as well as functional compared with conventional and very expensive wooden trellis.

A-frame Trellis

A-frame trellis is movable and ideal for container plants and small gardens. "A" shaped profile provides a perfect support for the vent plants. Cattle panel, nylon netting and plastic trellis can do the job.

Garden Trellis Netting has always been striving for providing solid and effective trellis system for your garden. Our trellises will help you build a productive and beautiful garden. If any problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us.

Cattle panel is an inexpensive arched trellis material. An arched trellis of moon flowers looks impressive and amazing.




Arch Trellis


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