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Cattle Panel Trellis
Cattle panel trellis is a sturdy welded wire mesh. It can be used as A-frame trellis, arched trellis, tomato trellis and hoop house in cold season.
Chain Link Trellis
Chain link trellis has dual functions - chain link fence and garden trellis. As a trellis fence, it can provide supports for venting vegetables and flowers.
Chicken Wire Trellis
Chicken wire trellis is ideal for climbing plants such as green peas, beans and cukes. It is a good netting for building a vertical trellis.
Nylon Trellis Netting
Nylon trellis netting is a versatile garden netting which can be tied to fence, stakes and poles to make various trellis system like A-frame trellis.
Plastic Trellis
Plastic trellis made of exclusive HDPE and polypropylene mesh, is an important garden trellis netting for it is strong, long-lasting and inexpensive
String Trellis
String trellis made of nylon and polypropylene twines and freestanding structure is the cheapest trellis material for a garden as well as has the similar result.
Polypropylene Netting
Polypropylene trellis netting is ideal for supporting tomatoes, pole beans, cucumbers and other climbing plants to increase their yield in harvest season.
Pole Bean Trellis
Pole bean and pea trellis take up space and enhance output.
Tomato Trellis
Tomato trellis includes cattle panel trellis, trellis netting, plastic trellis and string trellis. They can be designed as vertical, horizontal or slanted trellis for tomatoes.
Cucumber Trellis
Cucumber trellis can be nylon trellis netting, plastic trellis, cattle panel trellis or string trellis. The tendril grasps and grows along the trellis saving large area.
Steel T-Post
Steel T-post is designed to support trellis netting for cucumber, tomato, squash and venting flowers. Various lengths and colors are provided.
Trellis clips and trellis hooks
Trellis clips and support hooks are important accessories for trellis garden. They help the trellis netting to train or guide the venting plants.
Zip Tie
Plastic zip tie is a quick fastener for garden trellis netting. It could be used to tie nylon netting, plastic netting or welded mesh to stakes or frames