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Versatile chain link trellis becoming a decorative fence

Red China rose climbing chain link trellis adds view to the wall
Chain link fence is the ready trellis for fragile flowers or climbing plants

Chain link mesh has been a popular perimeter fencing for residential and commercial applications. Apart from this, it can also provide supports for climbing flowers, cucumbers, beans, squashes and other venting plants.

Chain link trellis fence is superior to other trellises for its recyclability and double purposes. On one hand, it is a garden fence separating your house and the outside. On the other hand, it can be eatable fence or decorative fence. The plants covering the fence block sight into your garden and protect your privacy as wood or vinyl fencing.

Our chain link trellis is hot-dipped galvanized after production. This significantly improves corrosive resistance against all weathers. In addition, PVC coated chain link mesh is also provided.

Key specification:
Material: Carbon steel wire.
Finish: galvanized, PVC coated.
Mesh Opening: 2", 3".
Length: 100', 200' and 300' per roll.
Height: 5', 6', 8' and 10’.

Chain link trellis for cucumber
Chain link fence door or chain link mesh can be used as trellis for cucumber, squash and pole beans.
Rustic chain link mesh fastened in the wall providing a trellis for beautiful flowers
Chain link fence can be reused as trellis wall for climbing flowers

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